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The golden rule right at the beginning. "Professionals" or even "bought professionals" may well contribute to short-term satisfaction, but we prefer long-term fun. For this reason, we would ask all teams for sporting fairness when selecting team members - because remember - fun for everyone is the focus of this event.

But now to the actual rules:
Beach volleyball is a sport in which two teams of 4 players face each other on a sand field divided by a net. The ball is (can) be played with all parts of the body.

The aim of the game for each team is to bring the ball over the net to the ground on the opposing half of the field and to prevent it from falling to the ground in their own half of the field. The ball is brought into play by a service player. He serves by hitting the ball with his hand or arm over the net into the opposing half of the field. A team has the right to hit the ball three times to return the ball to the opposing half of the field. The team that won the last point always serves.

The rally point system has been in force in Germany since 2001. There is a point for every rally won, regardless of which team was serving.

The games in the preliminary round go over a playing time of 10 minutes without changing sides. Whoever scored the most points after these 10 minutes won the game. From the quarter-finals, the playing time is 15 minutes. Only the final is played over 2 winning sets. The first two sets are played up to 21 points. If each team wins a set, a decision set up to 15 points is played. A team needs two points to win a set, otherwise the set is extended indefinitely until a team has reached two points.

There are 3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie.

A player is not allowed to hit the ball twice in a row.

The move lasts until the ball touches the ground, "goes out" or a team fails to properly play it back.

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