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Hello and Gruezi!

And a colossal welcome to the website around the 9th Cybergroup BeachCup.

As is well known, before the event is after the event and so the mills grind and smoke the cerebellum again in order to be able to proudly claim again in 2023 - "It is done!"

Fundamentals in advance
The universal formula for the event formula is:
Fun + game + party = BeachCup

If you consistently follow this principle, you will experience an eventful and unforgettable weekend as a guest with friends.

We also have a lot in preparation for 2023 - here is an overview:


Who plays.

The golden rule right at the beginning. "Professionals" or even "bought professionals" may well contribute to short-term satisfaction, but we prefer long-term fun. For this reason, we would ask all teams for sporting fairness when selecting team members - because remember - fun for everyone is the focus of this event.


The day of the days l when?

In 2023 the BeachCup will take place on Saturday June 18th


Where to go l The location (s).

Let us first come to a fundamental problem facing everyone who follows a call, namely the question: where to? We would be stupid if we didn't choose the beautiful Ketsch again in 2023. Why - now Ketsch is still a small, tranquil metropolis on the edge of the Odenwald, in the middle of Europe. In the past 8 years we have found everything that makes such an event extraordinary and unforgettable.

Address BeachCup:
Walldorfer Strasse
68775 Ketch

Address Players Night:
Hans-Reschke-Ufer 3
68165 Mannheim

Only when it says "Please turn over!" Can we no longer help. Well.


How, when, where l The schedule.

by 9:30 a.m. arrival and accreditation of the teams
starting at 10:00 a.m.
approx. 5:30 p.m. - 6:05 p.m. finals / end of tournament
from around 8:00 p.m. Players Night and award ceremony


It's not possible without fans l family day.

What would Marianne be without Michael, Loriot without Evelyn - Herrmann and Gerhard without Doris - nothing. For this very reason, children and bowlers can of course also go to the grounds on Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you are from the area and need family support, you should enter this in the diary of your partners and children, after all, they often have more obligations than the "old". And since we don't want anyone to starve or die of thirst, we have also planned our “Combined All-Inclusive” package for guests and fans. We therefore offer all our invited guests and their fans an all-in ribbon for the whole Saturday for a flat rate of 15.00 euros, which enables eating and drinking without restriction. And so you and your / our guests don't have to worry about anything anymore. Children up to 18 pay 10.00 euros. Children under 10 do not pay anything.


You will receive the wristbands with your sports bags as usual, so please do not forget to note on the registrations who is traveling with you. No wristbands will be issued at the event itself.


Shortage of clothes? Suitcase too small? l clothes.

Basically you should wear clothes. However, we do not make any regulations in this regard. You will receive appropriate jerseys for the active players of your teams, so that you only have to bring a suitable trousers. You are all so pretty, you are sure to look great in everything. We feel the same way. For the social framework program applies "casual and comfortable"!


Pure relaxation l wellness.

Basically, for most of you, the Baden sun is probably a boon. But we also ensure a solid recovery. With a team of physiotherapists, experienced masseuses come with whom you can really knead between games. There is a 15-minute professional massage for a voluntary donation. The proceeds go entirely to the forest pirates Heidelberg.


Why the whole thing l The cup.

The main prize, the actual trophy, is of course an honor that will continue to shine on you for years to come. However, you have to win it first. The annual winners are immortalized on the trophy. The prize itself was once a handmade sculpture, which unfortunately fell victim to the UPS driver's madness and has now found its final resting place in the sacred halls. No less spectacular - the new pot!


Where to go with the car and the jewels?

The area surrounding the stadium offers sufficient parking spaces for cars. Please supervise your valuables during your entire stay! The best thing to do is to designate a team companion as a “safe man”, to whom you give a bag and everyone will make your watches, cell phones, purses, Gucci glasses, diamond necklaces, dental bridges, passports, ... in there. You then staple the bag on your shin. (PS shouldn't be an athlete!)

We cannot accept liability for lost items.


What does the thing look like? l The ball.

For everyone who may never have seen beach volleyball: this is what the good piece looks like. The outside of the ball is made of a water-repellent, soft material, mostly synthetic leather and a rubber bubble inside. It has to withstand the external conditions such as water and sand. With a circumference of 66 to 68cm and a weight of 260 to 280gr. it is slightly larger than indoor volleyball. The internal pressure of the ball is 171 to 221mbar, however lower than that of the indoor volleyball (294 to 319mbar). And ours looks damn good too.

Any idea? l Our referees.

And so that at least a few people on the site know what you are doing, the games are whistled by professionals and the entire tournament management is also carried out by a team of professional volleyball players. However, it is also permitted to shake the referee's chair properly in the case of obvious and perhaps not so obvious “wrong” decisions.


MVP / MVB and MNT.

In 2023 we will once again reward special achievements. You can fight in the following categories:

MVP = Most Valuable Player ; or as one would say in Baden "the one who can do it best".

MVP = Most Valuable Player (in) ; stop "the one who can do it best".

MVB = Most Valuable Beauty ; As is well known, it is not only about the sport, we also award the how - how do you celebrate the game and yourself.

MNT = Most Nicest Team ; the team is in the foreground and that is rewarded.


So go for it, it's worth it.

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